Jasen is fighting to try and regain custody of his two minor children, who are currently living with his aunt, Genevieve.

However, Genevieve claims Jasen is unfit to be a father.

Jasen has had multiple run-ins with police, including being arrested in Ohio in May 2013, after police claim he was found driving a truck with his two children inside the vehicle, along with two loaded guns and drugs.

According to the report, one of the loaded guns was in the cup holder and one was under the seat of the truck, along with what was believed to be anabolic steroids and a syringe.

“They weren’t my guns, and they weren’t my drugs, and it wasn’t my truck,” Jasen, who said he pleaded guilty and was given a $200 fine, claims of the incident.

Jasen claims he was unaware the guns and drugs were in the vehicle, telling Dr. Phil he didn’t see the loaded pistol sitting in the cup holder.

“If I would’ve known there was a gun there, I wouldn’t have gotten in the truck,” he says.

Watch the video above, as Dr. Phil goes over the document which Jasen filed, granting care of his kids to Genevieve. Why does Jasen say he now wants to revoke her guardianship?