Kaylyn Whitaker’s parents, Leslie and Dave, say they always knew there was “no way” their daughter killed herself. The 20-year-old died of a gunshot wound on October 31, 2014. At the time of her death, Kaylyn’s fiancé, Connor Scott, told authorities he was asleep next to her when the gun went off and that she died by suicide. It took Scott four years to confess to shooting his fiancée, and he was then charged with first-degree murder.

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Dave says that when Scott showed up at Kaylyn’s funeral, it was “a show.”

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“He made a believer out of us,” says Leslie, claiming that Scott was “wailing and crying” during the service. “And then, when it was time to say goodbye to Kaylyn, he fell apart again.”

Connor Scott is currently serving 37 years for the murder of Kaylyn Whitaker. He is not eligible for early release. How do Kaylyn’s parents say they feel about his sentence?

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