Jayson’s parental rights were terminated to his four children from a previous relationship after findings that he had sexually molested two of his kids.

When he welcomed his fifth child with new girlfriend Kristina, Jayson – who adamantly denies molesting his children – says he was shocked when Child Protective Services showed up at the hospital and ordered him to be kept away from the newborn.

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“They had never told me that I couldn’t have another child with another woman, that I would lose my rights automatically. They never said anything in paperwork, or anything,” Jayson claims.

“In the paperwork, it says that you were instructed that you were not eligible as a parent … that if you had another child, that you would be barred from having that child,” Dr. Phil points out.

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“They kept that paperwork from me,” Jayson says.

Watch the video above as Jayson continues to maintain his innocence, and also discusses what landed him behind bars for 136 days.

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This episode of Dr. Phil airs Thursday. Plus, in part two on Friday, Jayson takes a polygraph exam regarding the molestation accusations. What will the results reveal?