Daniel and his ex, Lynsey, were caught in a contentious custody battle filled with accusations when they appeared on Dr. Phil. Daniel claimed that when he refused to marry Lynsey once learning she was pregnant, she told him the child was not his and that she then gave birth without telling him. Daniel says he filed for paternity and when their child turned 3, he received unsupervised visitation with her.

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That’s when he says Lynsey started accusing him of molesting their little girl – and that Lynsey recorded videos where she claimed that her daughter admitted to being molested by Daniel, videos that Daniel claims only proved that Lynsey coached their daughter to lie. The court ultimately ruled that Daniel should keep custody, and Lynsey should be given one-and-a-half years of supervised visitation.

During their appearance, Lynsey told Dr. Phil, “This is a damn joke,” and then walked off stage, before returning to tell him, "You turned this into a giant circus.”

Now, a year later, Daniel shares a surprising update in the video above. Hear how he says the child is doing and why he says he’s “disappointed” with his ex.

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Tuesday. Tune in to see more guest updates. Check here to see where you can watch.

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