Jayson says the day his infant son was born was both the “happiest and saddest day” of his life.

That’s because, just hours after his girlfriend Kristina gave birth, Child Protective Services came to the hospital and gave Kristina an ultimatum: lose your baby or lose your boyfriend.

“CPS said Jayson has been accused of sexually molesting his daughter and his son [from a previous relationship],” Kristina says. “CPS gave me a choice. They said if I don’t sign the piece of paper that would keep Jayson out of my son’s life, they would have to take custody of all three of my children.”

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Jayson denies the molestation findings against him and says there was another reason he lost custody of his children.

“CPS took away my kids because they claim that they were being neglected. I neglected my kids by not spending enough time with them. I admit to that,” Jayson says. “I absolutely did not molest my children. I never touched my kids inappropriately.”

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Jayson also claims he did not know having more kids would raise any flags.

“I was very excited when we found out that Kristina was pregnant,” he adds. “I did not know that CPS was going to remove the child, if I had another child with another woman. If they claim they told me, that is a lie.”

It’s now been over two months since Jayson has seen his infant son.

“The last day I saw my new baby was the day he was born,” he says. “My dream is to be with Kristina, to have all my children and her children together.”

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This episode of Dr. Phil airs Thursday. Plus, in part two on Friday, Jayson takes a polygraph exam regarding the molestation accusations. What will the results reveal?