Why Prison Consultant Says He Believes Defendants In College Admissions Cheating Scandal Are Going To Prison — Next ‘Phil In The Blanks’
Federal prison consultant Justin Paperny who is working with a defendant in the college admissions cheating scandal tells Dr. Phil why he believes they’re all going to prison on Phil in the Blanks podcast. Watch the entire podcast here.

Parents Involved In College Admissions Scam Case: Did They Know It Was A Crime?

Dr. Phil and Justin Paperny analyze the motivations of the parents in the college admissions scam case. Did they know it’s wrong, and did they know it was a crime?

Prison Coach Justin Paperny’s Top Advice For Parents in College Scam Case: 'Always Focus On The Victims'

Dr. Phil and Justin Paperny review why it’s important for defendants to articulate four particular elements in the pre-sentence hearing statements. 

Justin Paperny Cheats Polygraph and Lands in Prison

Justin Paperny studied polygraph countermeasures to cheat. He reveals to Dr. Phil how shame and denial took years off his life, leading to a longer prison sentence.

If You're Guilty, Run, Don't Walk!

If You're Guilty, Run, Don't Walk!

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If you committed a crime, Justin Paperny describes why you should run, not walk, to the U.S. Attorney’s office to make a deal.