Fifteen-year-old Madison doesn’t have a license to drive, but admits she’s taken her mother’s vehicle Joy-riding. Karen claims her daughter has stolen her car over 30 times, but Madison says it was just twice, “over the summer.”

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“What goes through your head at that moment that says ‘I have the right to take someone else’s car and go drive around on the street,’” asks Dr. Phil on Wednesday's episode.

“I don't know, what I was thinking. I was wrong,” responds Madison.

The conversation turns to the circumstances surrounding a suspected high speed chase that led to a car crash (Madison wasn’t driving) she was involved in just a week before visiting Dr. Phil.

Karen claims Madison and her friends were being chased by people whom they had allegedly robbed of Xanax, at the time of the crash. She claims a firearm was involved, but it’s unclear who the gun belonged to.

Tom and Karen claim their daughter smokes, drinks, does drugs, skips school, bullies and assaults other teens, destroys their property and has been charged four times with domestic battery for physically attacking Tom. They also say she’s corrupting her 13-year-old sister.

Madison denies her behaviors are escalating. What does Dr. Phil say? Tune in to Wednesday's episode. Check here to find your local listing.

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