More than 1,000 people have come forward accusing the late Dr. Robert Anderson, a former doctor at the University of Michigan, of sexually abusing them. Many alleged victims insist they spoke up – yet claim no one listened, and the abuse was ignored for almost four decades.
One of those who claims he raised a red flag is Matt Schembechler, the adopted son of former University of Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler. Matt claims he was assaulted by Anderson at 10 years old.

In the video above, Matt recounts what he claims happened when he told Bo and his mother about the abuse. And, see part of an interview where Matt’s half-brother, Bo’s son Shemy, denied his father knew and and shared his thoughts on his brother Matt . 
On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "U of M Sex Scandal: What Did the Football Coach Know?" former Michigan athletes who claim Anderson abused them speak out. And, hear from Trinae Gonczar, who survived abuse at the hands of Larry Nassar and inspired these athletes to speak out against Anderson. Plus, one of the men shares how he feels about the recently reached settlement with the University. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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