Hannah and her mother, Angie, are claiming Angie’s former stepfather, Ralph, molested them both. Angie alleges Ralph began touching her when she was 17. Hannah claims Ralph abused her from the time she was a year old until she was 5. She says she was made to take baths with him and claims he would touch her – and make her touch him.

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“Hannah and I would bathe together. We’d done it since she was a newborn,” says Ralph. “I thought it was innocent – nothing happened.”

Ralph says he was a father-figure in Hannah’s life. “We told each other ‘I love you’ every day.” He says he didn’t do anything inappropriate to either Hannah or Angie. “For the record, I deny ever hurting Angela or Hannah.”

An inquiry by Child Protective Services when Hannah was still a little girl did not result in any charges being brought. Ralph says the investigation was dropped when Angie and Hannah moved back home with him and Angie’s mother, Leta.

When Angie and Hannah confront him face-to-face on Tuesday’s Dr. Phil, Ralph insists he’s blameless. He accuses Angie of being emotionally disturbed and claims she and her mother, Leta, “stripped away Hannah’s innocence.”

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‘I’ve Known You To Conjure And Construe Facts,’ Says Man To Former Stepdaughter Accusing Him Of Abuse