Alethea says her partner, Kevin, alternates between depression and out-of-control rage. She says although she loves him, if Kevin can’t get his anger under control, she’s going to leave.

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Kevin acknowledges he gets angry, frustrated, and experiences bouts of deep depression.

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“Why do you think this is happening to you?” Dr. Phil asks in the video above.

“For years I thought it was just because I wasn’t happy with myself or I hated myself,” says Kevin.

Then, he says, he started hearing more about the effects of traumatic brain injury. “As I started looking at it, I thought, ‘wow, maybe there’s something going on in my head,’” he says in the video above.

Kevin claims he suffered multiple head injuries along with several concussions when he was younger. On Friday’s episode, Dr. Phil asks an internationally recognized neuroradiologist to consult. What does the doctor discover about Kevin’s brain?

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