Upward of 900 children have died in hot cars since 1990, according to KidsAndCars.org, a national nonprofit working to prevent vehicle-related injuries and death of children.

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Janette Fennell, the organization’s president and founder, says, “Really, the first thing people need to understand is that it can happen to anyone.”

WATCH: ‘I’m Here Because I Want To Help Other People,’ Says Mom Whose Twins Died After Forgotten In Car

On July 26, 1-year-old Luna Rodriguez and her twin brother, Phoenix, became the 23rd and 24th child hot car deaths listed on the organization’s website for 2019, after their father, Juan, forgot they were in the back seat of his car and left them there for eight hours.

Marissa Rodriguez, who claims her husband was “on autopilot” the day their twins died, says she is currently working with KidsAndCars.org to lobby for passage of the Hot Cars Act (H.R. 3593), which aims to mandate systems alerting drivers to forgotten passengers.

Learn more about the organization’s efforts here. Then, check here for a sample letter of support for the bill and where to send it.

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