Michael Weist is a 24-year-old entrepreneur and social media manager who says his life turned upside-down in 2018 after TanaCon, the social media influencer convention he organized, was shut down due to security concerns. Michael claims that in the aftermath of TanaCon, he was forced to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, and his reputation was ruined.

Jackson, a social media influencer and former client, says his relationship with Michael soured after Michael allegedly drained and “pocketed” $35,000 from two shared bank accounts that Jackson claims were earmarked for a joint business venture selling clothing and merchandise.

“People were blaming me, saying I was the one ripping people off, but it was actually Michael,” claims Jackson. He says that Michael agreed to return the money, then filed for bankruptcy. “I realized that I’m not getting that $35,000.”

Michael denies Jackson’s claims, insisting that - because of his bankruptcy - he had no control over what happened to the money. Watch the video above to hear Michael’s response when Jackson says, “You cannot take accountability.”

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