Michael Weist, the 24-year-old organizer of the failed 2018 social media influencer event, TanaCon, claims he is in financial ruin, his reputation has been destroyed, and that he has been cyberbullied daily since he was forced to shut down the convention prematurely due to safety concerns.

His former employees, Phil and Sydney, claim that Michael mistreated and verbally abused them while they worked for him, which Michael adamantly denies, but Taylor, who currently works with Michael, insists that he has grown and changed in the nearly three years since TanaCon.

“TanaCon made him realize that other people have great ideas too,” says Taylor in a written statement. “I have truly seen the change Michael has made both personally and professionally over the past couple of years.”

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WATCH: TanaCon Organizer Disputes Ex-Employee’s Claim That He’s Verbally Abusive To Workers

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