Candice DeLong, a former FBI profiler, helped rescue Tony Fort from convicted pedophile Michael Vines when he was 11 years old. DeLong was part of an FBI team that showed up at a train station in Oakland, CA, where Vines, who had abducted Tony, was planning to board a train with the child. The man was tackled to the ground, while DeLong pulled Tony to safety.
“The plan that Michael had was they were going to San Diego. It’s only 10 miles from the border in Mexico, and they were going to go into Mexico. He was going to buy a little girl to be Tony’s friend, because Tony did not like being with Michael that way,” DeLong tells Dr. Phil on Tuesday’s episode, where she reunites with Tony for the first time in more than two decades. 

Hear more about Vines' reported plan and what DeLong says she discovered in the duffle bag Vines had with him in the video above. Plus, DeLong recounts what happened when she reunited Tony with his family and why what Tony said to her was “the most amazing thing I’d heard in 20 years on the job.”
On Tuesday’s episode, "'Surviving Evil' Kidnapped And Abused: Former Victims Speak Out," hear Dr. Phil’s advice for Tony, who says he “struggles every day” with the memories. Plus, Alicia Kozak says she was 13 when she was lured from her home by an internet predator and placed in a dog collar, chained to the floor, and horrifically abused. Hear her inspiring story of survival. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: Former FBI Profiler Shares Details Of Dramatic Rescue Of 11-Year-Old From Convicted Pedophile

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The Importance Of Finding Meaning In Suffering

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