Taylor Murphy says he was on top of the world when he became a New York City firefighter in 2008. He was saving lives by day and pursuing modeling and acting on the side.

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“It was a dream of mine,” says Murphy who originally wanted to play professional basketball. “When I found out that I could play for the fire department, a bigger dream came and that was to risk my life to save somebody else’s life, and then I felt that that was my calling.”

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But it all came crashing down when he was accused of beating his transgender model girlfriend outside a strip club. Even though Murphy was eventually cleared of the most serious assault charges, he was convicted of misdemeanor assault and violating a restraining order and lost his job with the FDNY.

Speaking out for the first time, Murphy tells Dr. Phil how the arrest, trial and being “outed” as dating transgender women has changed his life. In the video above, he discusses losing his “dream” job, how he was treated by some of his fellow firefighters and what he’s doing with his life now. The exclusive interview airs Friday. Watch more here.

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