Carrie, Jacoba, Matt, and Amber share half of their DNA with former Indiana fertility doctor Donald Cline. Cline is accused of inseminating their mothers, along with dozens of other patients, who had no knowledge of - and did not consent to - him using his own genetic material to impregnate them.

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Cline is alleged to have fathered as many as 70 biological children through artificial insemination at his Indianapolis clinic. Reportedly, most of them are still living in the region.

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Jacoba says that when she and five of her half-siblings confronted him, Cline told them he had only donated his own sample 9-10 times. She says that not only did Cline show no remorse - he tried to use the Bible to justify his actions.

“I know that nothing happens without God allowing it,” he says on a recording Jacoba made during their meeting. Continuing, Cline then quotes Jeremiah 1:5, saying, “Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you.”

Jacoba claims Cline wanted her to stay quiet about her paternity for the sake of his marriage and personal life. How does she say she responded to his plea? And later, find out why Donald Cline was never criminally charged for what some have called fertility fraud.

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