Suzie says she can’t understand why a group of “bullies” – some of whom she says were former friends – started a secret social media group to talk about her and destroy her reputation. She says she would never hurt a soul and doesn’t know why these people harass and slander her.

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Alisa, the woman who started the Facebook group known as "Victims of Suzie," says she created it as a place where victims could come together and share information so they wouldn’t be conned by Suzie. She says some of the members claimed Suzie was behind a horse’s throat being sliced, another horse that had a bullet in its head, slashed tires, locks that were tampered with and hacked phones.

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In the video above, Suzie comes face-to-face with Alisa and her husband, Michael, for the first time in three years. Why does Alisa say that she waited two years to create the Facebook group? And, hear what happened when Suzie violated her probation and was sent to jail.

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Dr. Phil Questions Woman Accused Of Being A Con Artist About Her Prior Criminal Record