Jon Vaughn says when he was accepted to the University of Michigan to become a running back on their football team in 1988, it was a dream come true. But he claims that once he arrived at the school and had a physical with the athletic doctor, Dr. Robert Anderson, he was raped. He claims he was given 50 unnecessary prostate exams during the three seasons he played for the University.
Vaughn also claims that he was forced into an “andrology study” that Dr. Anderson was conducting. “I was subjected to providing a reproductive sample,” Vaughn claims. “He made an offhanded comment that he was in search of trying to create the perfect black athlete.”

Hear Vaughn’s concerns about what may have happened to his reproductive samples in the video above.
On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "University of Michigan Sex Abuse Scandal," Vaughn is joined by Tad Deluca and Chuck Christian, former University of Michigan athletes who also claim they are victims of Anderson. And on Wednesday, "U of M Sex Scandal: What Did the Football Coach Know?" legendary football coach Bo Schembechler’s adopted son claims his father knew about the abuse, a claim Bo’s son Shemy denies. And, hear from Trinae Goszcar, who survived abuse at the hands of Larry Nassar and who Vaughn, Tad, and Chuck say inspired them to speak out against Anderson. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: ‘They Pushed A Serial Rapist Who Had Unfettered Access To Me And My Body,’ Claims Former U Of M Football Star

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