Cheryl Hunter says she was kidnapped, drugged, beaten, and raped at age 18, leaving her troubled and depressed for years. Then, the best-selling author and former model says she started volunteering, first with elderly Holocaust survivors, then with others who had also experienced traumatic life-events. Eventually, says Cheryl, she began attending - then leading - personal development seminars.

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“I realized it was a calling. As I was helping others, I was helping myself, but I still had never told my story,” she says.

WATCH: How A Former Model Who Says She Was Abducted And Raped As A Teen Finally Began To Heal

Watch the video above to find out what Cheryl says prompted her to tell her story for the very first time and how she says it set her free.

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Cheryl Hunter is a life coach, media expert, public speaker, and author of two best-selling books, “Use It: Turn Setbacks Into Success,” and “How To Get Unstuck: 7 Steps To Bounce Forward When Life Knocks You Down” are available wherever books are sold.

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