Shelli and her daughter, Ashley, lived across the street from the Turpin family when they lived in Texas. Ashley, who was a young girl at the time, says she was friendly with the three oldest children and often played with them outside. She says the children were friendly to her, but that when her mother was around, they became timid. Shelli even claims that when she asked their names, they told her they were not allowed to tell anyone.

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Mother and daughter say after the family moved off their property, they went to check out the house and trailer where they had been living for years and were shocked by what they found.

“It was so nasty on the inside,” Ashley tells Dr. Phil in an exclusive interview airing Monday. “They had trashed the brick house so bad that they couldn’t live in it. They had pulled carpet out of it. The living room area had newspapers, and animal cages and just filth. The carpet was ripped up. It was plywood that was covered in filth. There was trash everywhere, bedrooms set up like barracks with bunk beds.”

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Hear more of what they claim they encountered in the video above, including what Shelli says she saw on the children’s beds.

The Turpins eventually moved to California, where, on January 14, 2018, the parents, Louise and David, were arrested when their 17-year-old daughter reportedly escaped from the home and called 911. When police arrived, they say they found children chained to the beds and learned that the kids, ages 2-29, were only allowed to shower once a year, were not allowed to use the bathroom and could only wash their hands up to their wrists. The Turpins are facing 37 felony counts of torture, false imprisonment and child abuse and if convicted, could each face 94 years in prison. They have entered not guilty pleas.

On Monday’s episode, hear from Louise’s sister as she shares stories from their childhood. Check here to see where you can watch.

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The Latest In The Case Of Louise And David Turpin Accused Of Starving, Torturing And Chaining Their 13 Kids In So-Called 'California House Of Horrors'