Taylor Murphy was a NYC firefighter when he started dating Claudia, a transgender woman. He says they had a summer of “intense dating” before he broke up with her for what he calls her “bad lifestyle.”

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The life that she lives is nothing of what I thought. She’s into escorting. She’s into negative stuff,” Murphy claims in an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil airing Friday.

The former model claims that once he parted ways with Claudia, they stayed in touch but that she grew jealous as he moved on to date other transgender women.

“She would tell the police a story that never happened,” Murphy claims. “She said I attacked her. She said I dragged her four-and-a-half blocks by her hair down Times Square, midtown Manhattan.”

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“Didn’t she say you choked her until her contact popped out?” Dr. Phil asks.

“She said something like that,” Murphy replies.

“Did you do any of that?” Dr. Phil continues.

“No sir. I grabbed her wrist,” Murphy says.

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In the video above, Murphy recalls the night he was arrested and why he says he was “baffled” and thought he “lost everything." And on Friday’s episode, learn how he says the arrest and trial affected his career as a firefighter. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Former FDNY Firefighter And Model Accused Of Beating Transgender Girlfriend Says He Calls Himself ‘Shexual’