Divorced since 2014, Pete and Pamela each blame the other for contributing to the death of their son, Peter Jr., who took his own life in March 2016. Pete’s second wife, Lori, claims Pamela has done some “crazy” things since Peter Jr. died.

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In the video above, Lori comments on what she says was an “accidental” meeting with Pamela at the funeral home, the day after Peter Jr. killed himself. The two women had not met previously. Lori says when Pamela saw her “she melted to the floor and started screaming to the top of her lungs “’Oh my God! Oh my God! I can’t see her! Get her out of my sight!’”

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“You realize her son had just killed himself 24 hours prior, with a shotgun,” says Dr. Phil, scolding Lori for mocking Pamela.

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Later, Pete makes a statement to Pamela about the death of their child and the audience gasps! Tune in Monday for part one of a heated two-part Dr. Phil you won’t want to miss. And, don't miss part 2 on Tuesday.

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