Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers, SDWR, says that they train Labrador Retrievers to detect glucose levels in children and adults with diabetes and potentially save their lives. They say some of their dogs can even open the refrigerator door and fetch juice, get insulin and even call 911 in an emergency.

WATCH: Women Claim They Were Scammed By A Service Dog Company That Promised Their Dogs Could Save Lives

But some of SDWR’s customers say they paid thousands of dollars and their dogs do not live up to the promises. These customers say the dogs are not equipped to save lives at all.

WATCH: Woman Who Works For Service Dog Provider Accused Of Being A Scam Defends Company’s Practices

Both sides face off on Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil. And, Lily Grace, the founder of the National Institute For Diabetic Alert Dogs weighs in on the controversy. In the video above, hear her thoughts about SDWR and the dogs they provide. Are the dogs provided by SDWR able to save lives, or is this business a scam? Watch more from this episode here.