Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Eric Siddall says that DA George Gascón and other progressive district attorneys are soft on crime. He claims that policies, such as bail reform and early release of some violent offenders, have placed the rights of criminals above those of victims and endanger the public.

Cristine DeBerry, Founder/Executive Director at Prosecutors Alliance of California, and former Chief of Staff for both District Attorney George Gascón and recently recalled San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, disagrees. She insists that change is needed to fix a broken, unjust, and inequitable justice system.

“The criminal justice system we’ve been using in this country for 40 years says jail and prison is the solution to crime, but it fails almost 80 percent of the time,” says DeBerry, adding, “For the media or anyone else to suggest that reform is the problem, is misplaced.”

DeBerry says that prosecutors across California and elsewhere must offer more than prison time as a solution. When Dr. Phil asks, “What is the alternative?” how does she respond?

This episode of Dr. Phil, ‘“How Safe Are Our Streets?’” airs Monday. And later, hear from civil rights activist Reverend Shane Harris, the president of the People’s Association of Justice Advocates to hear about that organization’s mission and advocacy work in justice reform.

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WATCH: L.A. Deputy District Attorney Claims DA George Gascón Has Placed The Rights Of Criminals Above Those Of Victims

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