Tiffany says her wedding day was “the worst day of my life,” because her mother, Wanda, ruined it by making her late to the church, wearing white, and breaking into song as Tiffany and her husband were about to exchange vows.

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Wanda denies ruining Tiffany’s wedding, but Tiffany’s friend and bridesmaid, Kendra claim that’s exactly what Wanda did.

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“We were frozen in place. Nobody moved and everyone’s looking,” says Kendra. “I glance over at Tiffany, and she’s not crying in happiness – she is mortified – completely humiliated,” she adds.

“You’re lying, Kendra, and you need to go to church,” responds Wanda.

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And in Friday’s conclusion, what does Tiffany’s twin brother, Derek, claim Wanda did to interfere in his marriage?

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