“My mother likes to have people dote on her, pay attention to her, and – and when sometimes they don’t – she gets nasty,” says Sonia’s older daughter Ginny.

WATCH: Daughters Say Mom Is ‘An Embarrassment’ Because She ‘Cusses, Rages, And Picks Fights With Strangers’

“My life has been one big giant hurt,” says Sonia who reveals she’s endured a lot of over the years; from sexual assault, to a brain aneurysm – and much more.

But younger daughter, Christina, says Sonia has never dealt with any of it. “I’ve tried so many times to talk her into going to get therapy.”

WATCH:‘Mom Is A Ticking Time Bomb,’ Claims Daughter

In the video above, Dr. Phil works with Sonia to help her identify what might be causing what her daughters say is her explosive temper, and hurtful behaviors towards them.

Check here for your local listing. Then Tune in to Dr. Phil on Monday to see what healing steps he recommends for Sonia and her family.