Jane was 16 years old the night her father was killed.
“Someone entered our home, cut the phone lines, cut the power, and murdered my dad. He was shot in bed with his own gun,” Jane says. “My mom remembers being woken up by what she thought was a clap of thunder. We think that was now the gunshot, and the man pulling her out of her bed by her hair and being on top of her … The man held her down and had a knife on her neck.”

Jane says police found a gun in a pond on their property and a boot print that matched her mother’s next to where they found the gun. “They looked at my mother as being the only suspect from the very beginning,” she says. 

Jane’s mother, Patty Prewitt, was found guilty of capital murder in the first degree and then sentenced to life with no parole for 50 years. Patty, who is 73 and has served 36 years behind bars, has always maintained her innocence.
In the video above, hear what happened during Prewitt's trial, why Jane says she believes she was convicted, and how Jane and her siblings’ lives have been affected.
On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “36 Years and Counting: Clemency for Patty?” Dr. Phil discusses Prewitt’s case and speaks to her from prison. Plus, Prewitt's attorney, two Missouri state Representatives, and “Wrongful Convictions” podcasters share why they support her bid for clemency. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: Why ‘Wrongful Convictions’ Podcast Hosts Say They Believe Patty Prewitt Deserves Clemency

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