How does a couple go from sparks flying and tying the knot to the verge of signing divorce papers ... in only two years?

Vicki and Mark’s final divorce hearing is next week, but they turn to Dr. Phil for one last-ditch effort to save their two-year marriage. “If our marriage can’t be fixed on the show, I am definitely ready to finalize our divorce next week,” says Vicki.

Watch the video above as they reveal how their relationship went from love at first sight to this painful crossroads.

“About six months into our marriage, our relationship took kind of a turn,” recalls Mark, who says his wife has kicked him out of the house nine times since they tied the knot. (Vicki estimates it to be closer to four or five times.)

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“Mark lied about the amount of money he said he was making per year,” claims Vicki. “I feel like a sugar momma and I don’t like feeling that way.” She adds, “Mark has been very greedy, selfish and narcissistic ... The last two years have been the worst two years of my life.”

Mark, who does not want to split up, sees it differently. “I think Vicki is obsessed with money,” he says. “Her expectations are really high. It seems like everything I do for Vicki is not good enough for her. I can’t read her mind!”

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Vicki also claims Mark is a liar and a cheater, pointing to his text messages with a 21-year-old that she believes were inappropriate. “I was hurt and devastated,” she says.

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“Vicki is obsessed with the idea that I’m cheating on her,” says Mark, who is willing to take a lie detector test to prove his fidelity. “Vicki is very jealous and she demands a lot of attention,” he explains. “It’s gotten so bad that she has visions of me having sex with another woman.”

Can this marriage be saved? What happens when Mark takes a lie detector test? Watch more from Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “The Clock Is Ticking And If Dr. Phil Can’t Help Us, My Wife Is Divorcing Me Next Week.”