Jeremy is the owner of a funeral escort company in Florida and is accused of impersonating law enforcement – an accusation he denies. He says he is dedicated to his profession and has many loyal customers.
One of his customers is Sandra, a funeral director and business owner who says she has worked with Jeremy numerous times. “I, personally, have never had any issues with Jeremy himself or with Metro State Escort Company as far as taking my families from the churches to the cemeteries,” Sandra says on Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil. “Always been professional.”

What does Sandra say after watching videos of Jeremy interacting with other drivers? See her reaction in the video above.
Jeremy has asked to take a polygraph to clear his name. The results are revealed on Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil. Watch more from “Polygraph Results Revealed: Is Jeremy Telling the Truth?” And, check local listings to see where you can watch Dr. Phil.

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