When former California Congressman Gary Condit speaks out for the first time in 15 years, he shares his message for the family of Chandra Levy, whose 2001 murder made national headlines and rocked Capitol Hill, where she was interning at the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

"Is there anything that you want the Levy family to know as this continues to unfold with Guandique being out of prison?" asks Dr. Phil, referring to Ingmar Guandique, an undocumented immigrant from El Salvador, who was convicted of Levy's murder in 2010 but was set free when he was granted a new trial, prosecutors announced they would not seek a retrial of the case and all charges against him were dismissed. 

"Obviously I think it's an injustice that's been handed to the family, that the person who committed the crime and tragically killed Chandra Levy is free," says Condit, who has co-authored "Actual Malice: A True Crime Political Thriller" with Breton Peace. (Ghost Mountain Publishing/Jay McGraw) "And I would like the Levy family to know that I have fully cooperated, I have done everything I could to be helpful."

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Condit, who was never named a suspect in the case, explains that although his life was impacted by the media frenzy that followed Levy's disappearance, he is not the victim. "The real victim is Chandra and her family," he says. "There's no justice for what happened to her and their life is altered forever."

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