Eric and Dionne have been together 25 years, and married for 18. In his eyes, says Eric, “I still see her as that beautiful girl that I knew 25 years ago.”

But the couple works opposite shifts, and Eric says he and Dionne don’t see each other as much as they’d like. Erick says he feels, “like we’re in a romance rut.”

Dionne recently shed 150 lbs. and says that since losing the weight, she feels as though the fine lines and wrinkles she’s noticed in her face make her look older than she is. “I do not need a love potion, but what I need is a magic potion to change these skin issues that I have,” she says.

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“Next, there’s Pore Tiny Me. I call it Photoshop in a bottle because it gives a blur-like effect to your skin making pores appear smaller,” says Robin.

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