Treasure, an African-American teen, insists that she is white. The 16-year-old says she looks different than most African-Americans, that she thinks and acts like a white person and that she is “completely and utterly better” than black people.

Treasure also admits to making derogatory comments to and about African-American people. “There’s nothing wrong with my views or beliefs, because I have freedom of speech, and everything I’m saying is true,” the teen says.

Her mother and brother say they are embarrassed and insulted by Treasure’s comments – and they fear for her future.

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Dr. Phil drills down to determine where the young woman’s beliefs started. “What is it that’s caused you to have such self-loathing and self-hatred that you’re so rejecting of who you are?” Dr. Phil asks. “You projected it on to others, but you’re clearly describing yourself when you say that.”

“I don’t have any problems with myself. I, honestly, think that God made one perfect person; it’s me,” Treasure says. “I feel like black people should be put in a different place.”

Hear more in the video above. And on Wednesday’s episode, Dr. Phil introduces Treasure to a life coach. Is she willing to work with her and change her behavior? Check here to see where you can watch.

'It’s Not That She Hates Black People; It's That She Hates Herself,' Life Coach Says About Black Teen