For the last two years,14-year-old Kasey has been caught in the middle of a bitter battle between her father and her grandmother.

With Kasey’s father in jail, and her parents divorcing, maternal grandmother, Sandy says her daughter, Jennifer, gave her temporary guardianship of the child, who was a year old at the time. Kasey has lived with Sandy ever since. Sandy says “We’ve never been apart for more than a couple of days.”

In 2005, Kasey and her grandmother moved to another state, and Ted says he didn’t know where to find them.
Ted says he searched for his daughter for more than nine years, and then two years ago, he finally tracked her down on Facebook. But, Ted claims, his ex-mother-in-law won’t let him near Kasey, and he’s been fighting for his rights as a father, ever since.

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“Sandy kept me from my daughter for the last 13 years,” says Ted. “I’ve missed every important day of my 14-year-old daughter’s life.”

In the video above, Sandy claims Ted never tried to visit Kasey, and that he could have found her if he had wanted to. Now, she says, it’s too late, and Ted is a stranger to Kasey. “I’m willing to do anything to keep her away from him,” says Sandy. “If it’s illegal, legal – I’m doing what she wants, not what he wants.”

Kasey says she doesn’t want a relationship with her father.

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Will Ted be able to reconnect with his long-lost child? Watch Dr.Phil Thursday to find out!
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