Sandy says she filed for guardianship of her grandson in 2017 because she claims her daughter, Katelyn, is an unfit mother who put her 20-month-old son in harm’s way.

She claims Katelyn, who lives three hours away, has only visited the child three times in the past year. Katelyn denies that she’s an unfit parent.

“The first time was like, I don’t know, maybe an hour and a half. The second time she did end up spending the night but a very short visit was like back leaving to go out of town and then the third time we waited all day for her to come. She was supposed to come. She never made it. Called the next day, waited all day, she came, she was out of the house within 25 to 35 minutes.”

“So why - when she does go to the trouble to get there - why stay 25 or 30 minutes? Where is she going when she leaves?”, Dr. Phil asks Sandy on Thursday’s episode.

Why does Sandy claim Katelyn left early from a visit with her child?

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