“Suzie is a bully, and I’m very scared of her,” claims Brittany.

She and her grandmother, Johynne, claim that Suzie, who lives in their small town, has been harassing them to the point of paralyzing them with fear.

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“Suzie has been hacking into my phone. Without touching my phone it turns on,” Johynne claims.

“After Suzie started harassing my grandmother, she started coming after me at rodeos. She would ride by me, and give me a look and just say, ‘Oh, better watch that ground,’” Brittany claims. “She was taunting me like we were kids on the playground. I was so scared, I quit rodeoing for almost a year.”

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Johynne and Brittany also claim that Suzie slashed one of their horse’s throats, put a bullet in another horse’s head and placed a snake in their car. “Suzie is a very dangerous lady,” Johynne claims.

Suzie adamantly denies hurting the horses and claims she has done nothing to harm Brittany and Johynne. She claims they are part of a group of bullies that harass her, and she is the victim.

On Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, see what happens when Suzie comes face-to-face with Johynne and Brittany. And, what does Dr. Phil tell all his guests they need to do to resolve this situation. Check here to see where you can watch.

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