Gail is a 69-year-old grandmother who insists she’s engaged to multi-millionaire musician Post Malone. She admits they’ve never met in person.

“He tells me he’s busy, or he has a concert. He always has an excuse,” she says.

Gail’s daughter, Michelle, and granddaughters, Megan and Brandy, say that Gail is living in a fantasy world, and they’re sure she’s being scammed by someone posing as the musician.

“I have sent Post Malone around three thousand dollars,” admits Gail. “It was just to prove to his family that I was not using him for his money.”

Gail’s family says there is no way the real Post Malone is asking her for money but says she refuses to believe them. Why does Gail say she isn’t being scammed? And why is she claiming that he controls her through her cell phone?

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WATCH: Woman Insists She’s Engaged To A Celebrity Musician, Her Daughter Says She’s Being Scammed

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