Mark and Cheryll claim their daughter Julia says she is a prophet of God who must do whatever the Lord tells her, and that they fear she may have a mental illness and worry for the safety of their grandchildren.

“My daughter Julia firmly believes that she’s a prophetess. She believes that God speaks to her and whatever he tells her, she should do,” says Cheryll. “Because of this, she makes bad decisions.”

Julia has said she was chosen to be used as a vessel for God’s good work.

“I believe God has anointed me as a prophet for His kingdom,” she says. “God speaks to me through the Bible, through dreams and visions, through other people. When God asks me to do things, I do those things.”

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Mark and Cheryll say that Julia told them that God told her she should marry a man named Jeff and claim that she started stalking men named Jeff and was served with a restraining order. The parents also say that Julia claims she was able to resurrect a dead frog and that she can heal people.

“We’ll be out somewhere and she’ll see somebody, and she’ll go up to them and tell them that the Lord showed her this and then ask if she can pray with them regarding it,” Cheryll says.

“I believe that Julia has delusions of grandeur,” Mark adds. “If you really believe that you can do these things, go down to the hospital because there are a lot of people in the morgue that don’t want to be there.”

Cheryll and Mark say they worry about the well-being of their grandkids because they say Julia left a high-paying job (which they claim is because she said the Lord told her to quit), and she ended up moving from place to place and eventually became homeless.

“I think Julia has been very irresponsible by moving so many times, quitting jobs, not making sure that her kids have sufficient food in the house. I’ve gone as far as to go get groceries to put in her house to make sure he had food,” Cheryll says. “We have contemplated going for custody of the kids.”

Concerned, they say, for Julia’s mental health, the parents turn to Dr. Phil for help.

“I believe that Julia is suffering from mental illness,” Mark says.

“I want Julia to be evaluated because Julia’s thrown everything away,” Cheryll adds. “She thinks her gift is of God, and I’m not sure it is.”

Julie calls her parents blasphemous and disrespectful of her relationship with God.

“My parents think that I’m mentally ill, and I think that’s crazy,” Julia says. “Because of what I believe, my parents have tried to have me institutionalized three times over the past two years.” She also says that her children are well-cared for and that Child Protective Services didn’t find anything to the contrary.

On Monday’s episode, hear more from Julia, and see what Dr. Phil says about Julia’s behavior. Watch more here.