Dan and Katie lost their 22-year-old daughter, Samantha, to suicide in October 2016. At the time of her death, Samantha was living with her boyfriend of two years, Jonathon.

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Samantha’s parents allege that Jonathon both isolated and controlled their daughter, which they claim contributed to her decision to end her life.

Jonathon adamantly denies their claims. He accuses Katie and Dan of having a vendetta against him and says that coming to see Dr. Phil was part of their “agenda” to smear his reputation.

“Did we have an agenda? - Yes, I have one agenda,” says Dan on  Monday's episode. “When I walked away from the casket, the only thing that I knew is that if there was anything that I could do to get out there and somebody could recognize this in relationships, somebody could recognize this type of individual, and it stops one other father, one father from not having to feel this and go through this - that’s why I’m here.”

“Everybody grieves in a different way,” Dr. Phil assures the grief-stricken parents. “And, you two are entitled to grieve at your own pace in the way that you want to.”

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The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a national network of local crisis centers that provides free and confidential emotional support to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you or someone you know is in crisis, and in need of emotional support, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, at 1-800-273-8255; or visit suicidepreventionlifeline.org. 

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Grieving Parents Question Whether Daughter's Relationship Influenced Her Suicide