Jennifer says her marriage to Billy is in trouble because she claims their family has been targeted by hackers for most of the last two years.

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Jennifer claims she has called internet providers and government agencies, and even hired a private investigator to help her find out who’s behind the hacking, but nobody has been able to help her.

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Billy claims Jennifer has been lying and says he believes she is the hacker, which Jennifer adamantly and repeatedly denies.

“I know that you’re the one that’s doing this, I just don’t know why," Dr. Phil tells Jennifer in a one-on-one meeting backstage.

She continues to deny responsibility for hacking her family’s devices and online accounts.

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Then on the way to the airport, Jennifer confesses, saying, “I was able to hack into Billy’s device, and I was able to see everything he did. I was able to change it. I was able to do all sorts of things.”

Meeting with Dr. Phil just outside the studio Jennifer tells him, “I’m sorry I lied to you.”

Does Dr. Phil accept Jennifer's apology?

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