When guests come to Dr. Phil, they’re often in crises, or conflict either within themselves or with  someone else. So when they reach a moment of clarity about the impact they’re having on the people who love them most, it can be a genuine turning point in their lives. Below are some of the most memorable guest breakthroughs and “Aha!” moments of 2016.

At six-months pregnant, Danielle said she was thinking about leaving her boyfriend, Ryan, who she claimed is controlling and Narcissistic. The couple said they didn’t have a plan in place to make sure Danielle and the child would be provided for, regardless of whether they stayed together. Danielle said she didn’t think Ryan would leave her his house, but Ryan’s breakthrough moment came just
seconds later.  WATCH HERE.

Sheila’s 17-year-old child (born “Joe”) said she’s transitioning from male to female and now identifies as Arianna. She claimed Sheila had abused her ever since she came out as transgender.  WATCH HERE for a series of “aha!” moments when Sheila first admitted to creating conflict with her child; then began
to recognize Arianna for who she is.

Twenty-one-year-old Nick said he had been homeless ever since leaving his hometown to hitchhike over 2,300 miles to Los Angeles. He claimed he was pursuing a “call to greatness” to become a rap superstar. Nick’s family said they thought he’d “lost it” because he seemed to have no desire to get off the streets.
WATCH HERE for Nick’s breakthrough moment when he said he agreed: He’d made some irrational choices.

74-year-old Sonia may have looked like a sweet lady, but her daughters, Christina and Ginny, said she was mean and offensive. They claimed their mother spewed racial slurs, started fights with neighbors and had even insulted the police. WATCH HERE for Sonia's "Aha!" moment when she started to understand that her behaviors were inappropriate, and why Dr. Phil said he believed it was possible they’re related to various illnesses and injuries she’s suffered throughout her life.

Niki and her boyfriend, Jessey, were homeless and addicted to heroin when they appeared on Dr. Phil. In addition, Niki, who was just weeks away from giving birth at the time, said she had been prostituting herself to support her habit. WATCH HERE to see Niki's breakthrough moment, and what she said she wanted to do for her unborn child.