Jeremy says he’s been sick for more than a year, with pain, fatigue, rashes, headaches, kidney stones, and constant urination, among other symptoms. He claims his wife, Kelly, has been lacing his food and drinks with borax but says his doctors refuse to test him for the substance.

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Kelly denies trying to poison her husband and says the urine and blood work tests his doctors did order prove he didn’t have borax in his system. She says she loves her husband and would never harm him, but he’s refusing to believe that she’s not to blame for his illness. Kelly’s claiming that Jeremy is “paranoid, depressed, and delusional.”

Jeremy says he looked up borax poisoning on the internet and claims the symptoms listed are what he’s been experiencing. When Dr. Phil says, “your symptoms really don’t match what you would have if you, in fact, were poisoned with boric acid,” how does Jeremy respond? Tune in to Friday’s episode.

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Man Who Claims His Wife Poisoned Him:  ‘I Went From Being A Totally Healthy Person To Laying On The Couch Sick, Every Day’