Danny said his mother-in-law, Alana, was a “monster-in-law” who was ruining his marriage by making up ailments and monopolizing his wife, Nicole’s, time. Alana claimed Danny was trying to manipulate Nicole and shut her out of her daughter’s life.


“I feel like I’m torn between my husband and my mother – and I can’t win,” said Nicole when the family first appeared on Dr. Phil in 2016. She said she believed she was responsible for her mother’s life, claiming that – at 90 lbs., Alana rarely ate and was drinking massive amounts of sugary soda every day. Danny said he thought his mother-in-law might have a problem with prescription drugs.

After hearing from Alana about three different prescriptions she said she was taking for anxiety, depression, and pain, Dr. Phil told her, “These three drugs are called ‘The Holy Trinity Cocktail,’" noting that the combination of prescription medications could be “lethal.” Alana was referred to Origins for treatment following the taping of her episode.

Today, Alaina says her appearance on Dr. Phil changed her life. "Before then," she says, “I was a different person. I didn’t know how to live, I didn’t know how to function – I didn’t have boundaries – and I have all that today.”

How is her relationship with Danny and Nicole? Tune in to Wednesday’s Dr. Phil for the update.

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