ohn claims he has strangled, stabbed, shackled, and drugged various friends, thought about beheading a prostitute, pulled a knife on his sister while she was holding her infant son; and once threatened to decapitate the only serious girlfriend he says he’s ever had.

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He also claims to have engaged in ritualistic blood drinking with a “friend,” and that while in the military, he engaged in self-mutilation and what he calls “auto-cannibalism.”

“I was under extreme stress, and so I resorted to actually biting on my forearms and marking them up pretty terribly at the time,” he says.

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On Wednesday’s episode, John tells Dr. Phil, “I think I’m more sociopathic than I like to admit. I don’t like to think that I am, but that’s my personality.”

How does John respond when Dr. Phil asks, “So, what are your triggers?”

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