Taylor and her boyfriend, Anthony, say they’re going to stay together, even though their parents disapprove of their relationship. The couple, who admits to taking drugs together, say they’re currently homeless but are staying with one of Anthony’s relatives.

TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Life in crisis?

“I don’t really think drugs is the issue,” says 20-year-old Taylor. “I think everything else makes me want to just mask feelings.” As a teenager, Taylor claims she had over 30,000 followers on social media, but then became the target of cyberbullies and hackers.

“None of them understand. None of them have been an addict,” says Anthony about his mother and Taylor’s parents.

Continuing, he says, “You think we want to live at my cousin’s house on a mattress on the floor? We don’t. You think she doesn’t want to talk to her parents? Have a relationship with her sister, who used to be like her best friend?”

“I think the two of you are addicts. I think you both have really low self-worth,” says Dr. Phil, adding, “I do think you are co-dependent. I do think you’re triggering each other. And I don’t think you have a clue whether or not you have a genuine affection for each other, a genuine affinity for each other, and you won’t know until you are clean and sober, and clear-brained, and clear-eyed.”

When Dr. Phil refers Taylor to Creative Care, a dual diagnosis and treatment facility specializing in mental health and substance abuse; and Anthony to PACE Recovery Center, specializing in the treatment of addiction, the couple hesitates in accepting the offer. Is there anyone who can convince them to go?

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Today’s Takeaway: Is Your Child Being Targeted Online?

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Today’s Takeaway: Is Your Child Being Targeted Online?