Susan says she’s convinced her 11-year-old son, Bodhi, is schizophrenic, like his older sister, Janni. Her ex-husband, Michael, strongly disagrees. He says Bodhi isn’t schizophrenic, like his sister – he’s been diagnosed with a severe form of autism.

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Michael says that Susan has taken their son to over 50 doctors in search of someone who will agree with her.

“What you’re up against in the mental healthcare system is doctors who give the blanket autism diagnosis – that’s all they do- and usually there’s a mixture of both,” Susan insists when Dr. Phil asks her why she’s taken Bodhi to so many doctors.

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How does Dr. Phil respond when Susan asks him, “What would you do if you were me, and your son was going absolutely crazy?”

Plus, Michael claims that Susan is using their children to further another agenda. Watch the video above to hear what she has to say about the mental healthcare system.

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Mom Asks 11-Year-Old Son She Claims Is Schizophrenic To Tell Her What Medication He Needs