Jessica says she left home, took her 2-year-old daughter and moved to Las Vegas after her parents, Craig and Mary, kicked her out of the house for being a "sugar baby."

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“They kicked me out in six inches of snow,” says the 22-year-old who claims she had nowhere else to go. She adds, “Yes, I did tell them I was a sugar baby. Yes, I am a sugar baby. And no, I don’t see anything wrong with it. It pays the bills.”

Jessica says she chose Las Vegas because she claims she was promised work as a model and exotic dancer by a man she met online. But, she says, she wound up being trafficked instead. “I was prostituted and that wasn’t my choice.”

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Now Jessica and her daughter are staying in a homeless shelter, for which she claims her parents are to blame. “You put me in that situation. You made me vulnerable,” she tells them in part one of a two-part episode airing Monday.

How does Jessica respond when Dr. Phil asks her, “What’s your ownership in being in a homeless shelter in Vegas?”

Part one of this two-part Dr. Phil airs Monday. Check here to find out where you can watch.


Mom Claims She ‘Never Had A Concern’ Letting Pimp Babysit Her Toddler