In Season 17, Tracy wrote seeking Dr. Phil’s help for her hoarding 71-year-old-mother, Robin, who was facing eviction. Tracy said that all the homes her mother lived in were filled with filth, chaos, and animals, and that Robin had never taken responsibility for the conditions Tracy lived in while growing up.

“She gets very defensive – very explosive, and you’re left to feel like a horrible person,” said Tracy about Robin’s reaction to being confronted about her hoarding.

During her initial appearance on Dr. Phil , Robin said the idea of getting rid of her possessions gave her anxiety but insisted that she was ready to get the help she knew she needed.

In Monday’s episode, Robin says, “Dr. Phil absolutely blew the lid off my hoarding,” and that there were “deeper issues going on” that she needed to face.

Plus, Robin has some words of encouragement for Dr. Phil’s guest, Jackie, who, after 20 years, says she’s finally ready to admit that she has a hoarding problem, clean up her overstuffed home, and repair her relationship with her daughter, Shayla.

“One of the most important things to understand is that you have to forgive yourself for being human,” says Robin in a recorded message to Jackie in the video above.

Watch the video above for a recap of Robin’s story, and hear how she and Tracy are doing today.

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