When Jeremi and her ex-husband, Robert, first appeared on Dr. Phil, she said she was furious because Robert had lost all of their $1,000,000 retirement nest egg through a combination of day trading and giving their money away to a series of online “girlfriends” who she insisted were catfishing him.

“I believe my ex-husband, Bob, has lost his mind,” she said at the time.

Jeremi, who is in her 70’s, was living in what she described as a run-down apartment after her divorce from Robert. She said she was working herself “crazy” just to survive.

Today, nearly a year after the former couple’s appearance, Jeremi says, “I’m doing great!”

Watch the video above to find out what happened after the show, and how Jeremi says “The wonderful people who were watching Dr Phil” helped to turn her circumstances around.

The conclusion of this three-part Dr. Phil airs Thursday. Check here for your local listing.

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