Amy says her ex-husband, Doug, has been pressuring her to reconcile even though the only relationship she wants with him is as a co-parent to their two children.

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“Doug is like the male version of ‘Fatal Attraction,” says Amy, claiming that he spies on her, interferes in her social life, and once put a GPS tracker on her car. “He’s controlling and very obsessive. He doesn’t want anybody in my life but him.”

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Doug denies trying to control Amy and says, “Living in a household where I’m supporting you and watching our kids while your dating – it’s disrespectful – because I want to be with you.”

The former couple shares a home but maintains separate sleeping arrangements. Amy claims that Doug has threatened to kick her out of their new home after she stayed overnight with a friend. Doug says now that they’re divorced, Amy has every right to date - but not while they’re living together.

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