Vera claims her 22-year-old son, Michael, doesn’t work, refuses to get an education, and demands that she take care of him since he didn’t ask to be born.

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“Michael’s not thankful for anything I do,” she says.

Vera, who says she has terminal cancer and isn’t sure how much time she has left, says she wants Michael to learn how to take care of himself now because she doesn’t know how he’ll survive after she’s gone. She says when she speaks to him about responsibility, things sometimes get violent.

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“And when it gets violent,” she says, “he has the tendency to hurt me.”

Michael claims that his mother didn’t teach him how to take care of himself and now it’s too late. He admits to pushing and kicking his mother in the past “Apparently, I broke her rib, and she called the cops on me,” he says.

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How does Michael respond when Dr. Phil asks, “Did anybody ever tell you that you’re not supposed to hit a woman?”

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